Hydrating 水分系列

Nano Hydro Oxygen Cream 

适合干性,油性,正常皮肤 | For All Dry, Oily, Normal Skin


功能 | Function

为了干燥肌肤的营养及水份,Hydro Oxygen Cream 提升到Nano Hydro Oxygen Cream加三倍水份及营养,让油性、干性皮肤达到更保湿,不会有黏腻感,涂后保湿露珠带给肌肤密度值润效果。

For dry skin nutrition and water, Hydro Oxygen Cream promoted to Nano Hydro Oxygen Cream Cadogan triple moisture and nutrients to keep oily or dry skin achieve a more moisturizing effect without sticky feeling. Apply moisturizing dew density to bring the skin moisturizing effect.


用法 | Direction


After thorough clean face flesh, takes right amount in saves face wipes and massages gently to the absorption.


活性分成 | Active Ingredients

纳米寡肽,赤松叶提取物, 黑灵芝提取物,小麦籽提取物,燕窝提取物

Nano oligopeptide collagen, pinus densiflora leaf extract, ganoderma atrum extract, triticum vulgare seed extract, bird's nest extract.