Nano Soothing Essence


Nano Soothing Essence


功能 | Function

富含舒缓与抗炎成分以舒缓及镇静发红和敏感肌肤。 它也提供抗氧化及保湿作用。经常使用将给予您柔软与光亮的肤色。

Enriched with soothing and anti-infalmmatory ingredients to effectively soothe and calm the redness and irritated skin. It provides anti-oxidant and moisturizing effects. Regular usage will give you a soft and radiant complexion.


用法 | Direction


After cleanse and tone the face, apply an appropriate amount over face and neck. Then gently massage until complete absorption. Apply morning and night.


活性分成 | Active Ingredients


Milk protein extract, Glutathione, mentha Arvensis Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate