Cleanser 洁肤

All in 1 Cleanser 

适合所有类型的皮肤 | For All Skin Type


功能 | Function


This light,water-based gentle formula cleanser is containing soothing, calming & moisturizing properties to soothe, calm & moist the skin. It is gentle yet thorough cleanser not only removes dirt,stubborn makeup, sunscreens and excess oil, but tones at the same time, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. Designed for all skin types for everyday use.


用法 | Direction


Apply a proper amount onto cotton pad and gently wipe over face and eyes. Repeat until the face and eyes are completely cleaned. Lastly, rinse well with water.


活性分成 | Active Ingredients


Hyaluronic acid, trehalose,dipotassium glycyrrihizate